Attractive design and versatility makes LYCORPOLE®  an ideal choice for a vast range of installation. Using industry leading technology in construction, LYCORPOLE® provides technically advanced and versatile products to meet the needs of a wide range of environment and specifications.

LYCORPOLE® columns, masts and poles use advanced technology to achieve a combination of high quality construction and design. This means longer life expectancy and minimal maintenance, with an attractive look to blend with any surrounding environment.

Product Range
Renowned throughout the region from Guam, USA to UAE in the Middle East, LYCORPOLE®  has a carefully designed system of steel columns and mast ideal for any application, ranging in height from as low as 3 metres to a towering 60 metres. Our exclusive computer controlled design and manufacturing process also ensures smooth uniform taper from base to top, whatever the height.

This  makes LYCORPOLE® an extremely ideal and reliable choice in a vast range of settings, including outdoor floodlighting systems , recreational and stadium masts, high voltage substation structures, microwave antenna  poles and flag poles. LYCORPOLE® also  supplies a unique range of specially customized architectural and decorative poles that complements the already impressive LYCORPOLE® range.

High Quality Construction
The computer controlled design and manufacturing process of LYCORPOLE® ensures a consistent and high quality finished products. Smooth uniform taper base to top – whatever the height – means  a more attractive and better designed columns and masts. Both multi – faceted and round tapered steel poles are carefully engineered to ensure the maximum strength while remaining lightweight, and hot – dip galvanizing ensures a long and durable service life.

Attractive and Versatile

A major feature of the LYCORPOLE® range is its attractive design – slender and tapered – which makes LYCORPOLE® suitable to all industries, environments and applications  including :-

  • Lighting traffic interchanges and traffic sign gantries
  • Outdoor floodlighting systems
  • Highways , freeways, roads, air  and sea port terminals, lighting poles and mast systems
  • Industrial security and amenity areas
  • Warehouses, factories, hospitals and shopping complexes
  • Sport stadiums and recreational venue
  • High voltage substation tubular structures
  • Microwave antenna poles, flag poles, CCTV poles and power transmission poles
  • Advertising high mast
  • Decorative lighting poles


The Lysaght Group

Lysaght Galvanized Steel Berhad has been manufacturing galvanized steel poles and masts in Malaysia for over 20 years and is, today, one of Asia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.

A continuing commitment to research and development through technological excellence has earned the Lysaght Group an unrivalled reputation worldwide. Lysaght is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and has a proven track record of quality and manufacturing excellence, winning both local and international trust and confidence.